august 28, 2018
dear babies,
i wanted to write "dear emerald and forest" but the truth is we don't know if you are girls or boys yet. my heart tells me that one of you is a girl and one of you is a boy, but please know how much papa wanted and loves you both no matter what. you're supposed to be here on or around april 1st, but usually twins come early. as excited as your mama and i are to meet you, we want you to stay inside of her as long as possible so you can be healthy and strong for your debut.

i hope there comes a time when our family is always together, but right now your papa is about 3000 miles away from you because he has to work. that's why i am writing to you here. whenever i am away from you, i will write you to tell you how much i love and miss you. it will remind me that i am working so that i can take care of you and give you a good life. but i will need you to do me a favor. you will need to look after your mama and make sure that you give her lots of hugs and kisses and reasons to smile. i also want you to make sure you take care of all of our animals and one day your brothers and sisters. this is important to me because family is important to me and i think that will be one of the greatest lessons i can teach you.

i love you more than words can tell,

august 30, 2018
dear baby loves,
today i missed you so much that it actually hurt. i can't promise that there won't be times that your mama and i won't have to leave you for a little while to go to work, but i do promise you that we will both think of you every moment of the day. you're on my mind from the moment that i wake up until the moment that i go to sleep. i even meet you in my dreams. when you are missing us, just remember that when you go to sleep, we'll see you there.

i really can't wait to meet you. today i was thinking about all of the things i would teach you, like how to ride a horse or drive a car or make grilled cheese or play guitar. and there are so many books i want to read for you, songs i want to play for you, and movies i want you to see. there is such a big and beautiful world out there that is so much bigger than wherever we live and i want you to experience it all through stories and then through your own eyes.

i can't wait to hold you in my arms and kiss your tiny faces. i will only make promises i intend to keep. i promise to always love you, to try to make you laugh when you are sad, and to keep you safe.

love always,