october 08, 2018
dear forest and emerald,
i am sorry i haven't written you on in so long, but your mama and i have been so busy. we went on a little trip to wyoming to see where we might all live together one day and we went back home to idaho where i grew up. your grandparents, all of your aunts and uncles and cousins, and mama and papa's good friends came too and watched us get married again. we were so happy that you were both there for our big wedding and we also told everyone all about you both.

right now, we are on our honeymoon. we've already been to greece and france and we are having a really great time especially since we love adventure and culture and good food. they are both extraordinarily beautiful places and we are already planning on bringing you here one day so you can see it for yourself and so we can see it through your eyes. now we are in the netherlands which is a place i've wanted to come most of my life and i think you'd like it here a lot too.

we love you so much. we think about you and talk about you all the time. we can't wait to meet you and take you on all of our adventures. just know that you are our greatest adventure.

with love,

october 09, 2018
dear babies,
i am sure your mama and i will tell you this story all the time, but our romance was a bit of a whirlwind. i think i told her that i loved her on the third day that we were together, but it was the truth and i knew that every time i saw her i heard trumpets. we'd been friends for a year before then, but got even closer in the couple of weeks prior while we were traveling together for work.

i guess the moral of this story is to follow your hearts always when it comes to loving other people. treating every living soul with kindness in love is important and how i want us to raise you to be when you grow up. right now, the world is a bit of a cruel place for a lot of people. though we cannot do anything big to fix it, the smallest contributions are sometimes the ones that mean the most. emerald and forest, you give us so much hope for our future.

one day i will read you a story called charlotte's web which taught me the importance of being a good friend with this line: "you have been my friend. that in itself is a tremendous thing." i know one day you will understand that.

love always,