Kathleen Cassidy
i'm really bad at texting. you should be honored that we text a lot because the only person i text consistently is my wife.
Should I?
you know, i saw this meme today that said "bold of me to ue the phrase 'no worries!' when i am, in fact, constantly full of many worries."
What are you worried about, River?
oh no. that wasn't me reaching out for help or anything...
I know you're too busy to read your emails but Bon Appetit wants to know when you and Layla can do this interview. When do you both have a day off as soon as possible? They want to do a print interview and something fun for YouTube. They can either fly you two out to New York for the day or send a crew to film at your place.
Please let me know as soon as possible. They are hoping to do it in November.
i doubt we can do it in november. and i'm sure we won't want to do it in december.
You're doing this damn interview.
i'll talk to layla and let you know.