layla, you are safe and sound, sleeping in our bed. i pray that i can keep you this safe always. when i have a lot on my mind or feel really excited about something, i have a hard time sleeping. right now, i'm just really happy because in about three months i get to marry you. i fell in love with you all over again tonight seeing you with our friends because everything about you slays me. your smile, your giggle, the way your eyes light up, and how you genuinely listen to what others have to say. i love it and i love you so much. i am also really excited for your new film and so proud of you. to say you inspire me is an understatement. you are a brilliant and shining sun, i've always known what you are capable of. thank you for being my rock, my favorite person to spend time with, my biggest supporter, and my protector. i'm going to hide this in your purse and hopefully maybe find a snack in there. i love you more each day.

all my heart,