suit. cake. ceremony vows.
layla, i have waited my entire life to meet you. today, we decided to we couldn't wait anymore and as a display of our love for one another, we stand in front of our best friends and this woman of the court. we decided that we couldn't wait another day, let alone another three months, to be able to call each other husband and wife. but it is more than just those titles. i could not wait another day to be forever bound to you under the eyes of God and the law because as i have told you before, we were made for each other before either of us were even born. i love you, it is that plain and simple. i loved you the moment you sat down beside me in silence and looked into my eyes in a way that spoke a million words though you said none. in that instance and in countless others, you've helped me to become a better man, the man that i need to be for you and the life we will create in the future. i love you because you give me courage and confidence, i love you because in creating a family with me you helped me restore a family that i thought was lost. you are my partner, my muse, my best friend, my lover, and my heart. i freely fell in love with you and i will spend the rest of my life falling even more deeply in love with you. layla, you are the star at the top of the tree. i promise to be the pedal brakes that you depend on. i promise to be the verb "to trust" and to not let you down. i promise to make you laugh, to support you through everything, to always tell you the truth, to push you, and to kiss you everytime before i leave. i promise to always fix it if i make you sad and i promise i will try my hardest not to make you sad in the first place. thank you for bringing light and joy and laughter and peace and passion into my life. you have forever changed me and i am so grateful for that. i am honored to know that you believe in love and fate because of me and we will spend the rest of our lives now believing in that. i also promise you that we will always have our sunday nights no matter how near or far we are because you knowing how much and why i love you is so important to me. i couldn't have written a more amazing woman than you or a better love story than ours. all of my favorite things pale in comparison to the way you make me feel. you are the explosions in my sky and i can't wait to spend every night for the rest of my life looking out of the window at them. i love you, layla gausmann. all the breath in my body is now yours and i choose you as my wife.